Baby Driver

Baby Driver ★★★

Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” but the commercialized version.
I just don’t understand the hype. I still think it’s a fun, well paced, full of energy and sorta cute movie that has a kick-ass soundtrack but I still just don’t understand how this film is so loved by so many. It’s just as dumb and cheesy as any other Fast & Furious film. Corny romance, cringe dialogue, silly characters and mediocre acting. 

I love me some Edgar Wright. His films are simply fun and driven with clever humor that works like wonders but that humor I adore in his earlier films is nowhere to be found in this film. This is supposed to be a playful heist film but yet no joke or wise cracks lands for me. I’m stuck with a straight face throughout most of the runtime and that’s so shocking considering this is an Edgar Wright film. 

The characters are extremely exaggerated but that’s what you would expect from a Wright film but unlike his other films, these characters are just unlikable for my sake. Ansel Elgort is a poor man’s Josh Hartnett, as my girlfriend would say “Yea, he’s cute but he’s completely boring.”, seriously, each line he delivers is in the same tone and has the same facial expression. Don’t get me started on the cheesy romance that leads to a very very very very unwanted closing too.

It may seem like I hated this film, that’s not the case and I do see why most enjoy this film, as all my friends who I went to go see this with turned out loving it but I just wish I would see what most loves about this film. It’s a fun, high octane film with great action but seriously, what else is there other than that? This man’s name is Baby too. Like, how self-conceited you have to be to have that name.

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