Batman ★★½

The production design of Gotham City is flawless, Jack Nicholson’s strong performance of Joker is differently welcomed, the Batmobile design is better than ever, aaaaaaand that’s it folks. That’s the only positives I can give you all. I really tried to like this movie for what it was but I was left dissatisfied. 

Michael Keaton as GadgetMan is very, very, very, dry. There is no charm and wits to be found. He’s a much better villain in Spider-Man than he is at Batman. Kim Basinger is absolutely worthless. Her performance is just as bad or even worse than Michael Keaton. I’ve done forgot her characters name. She is the cliche dismal in distress where she adds nothing to the plot except for Batman repeatedly trying to save her. You could tell Tim Burton told the casting director to just hire the most prettiest blonde. The first scene when Bruce Wayne meets Kim there is no flirting or hardly any dialogue or hints that these two have a thing for each other but the very next scene they’re on a date and they have sex and claim how much they have always been in love with each other! What? It took one scene with no dialogue or flirting to make me believe this? Anyways the editing and fight scenes are painfully boring. I can’t recall Batman actually using his fight skills but he does have those gadgets. Had a very rough time with this one you all. So happy it’s over with.

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