Carrie ★★½

I don’t care how ridiculous and nonsensical this sounds but this was like being stuck in my Grandma’s storage room with that annoying Aunt and Uncle blabbering about how much they love each other and tells that same story over and over about how they met but in honest truth the significance of their story is about as plain and dry as “love at first sight” with a little bit of alcohol involved and deep down all I want while be stuck in Grandma’s storage room of old and dusty antiques is my LEGO’s and Grandma’s cookies.

In all fairness this wasn’t that bad. The melodrama is heavy but it’s not super annoying due to the elegant set designs and vintage wardrobe that makes the period it’s set in more believable and at times very beautiful. Laurence Olivier is the swag master in these roles and he doesn’t falter here. Jennifer Jones is gorgeous and she brings life to a one dimensional character. If you love romantic melodramas, here ya go.

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