Darkman ★★½

Before Sam Rami’s Spider-Man and a little after Tim Burton’s Batman, Rami created something that is supposedly to be a homage to the 1930’s Universal horror films by creating a “dark” and moody anti- superhero film. Instead, I found it to be a comedy because never in my life will take serious of a hero who runs away boohooing like a child holding a pink stuffed elephant that he won for his girlfriend at a fair in which she declined the gift since he almost murdered a man for it... THIS. MOVIE. WAS. BIZARRE. 

I’m not sure how the ratings are this mellow, I mean, I can guess why, Rami fanboys will be Rami fanboys but c’mon, this is guilty dumpster fire. Who would’ve thought Liam Neeson & Frances McDormand of all the very talented people be so... bad. Yea, I love these two but Neeson is so over-the-top and McDormand doesn’t match Neeson’s energy, so she sorta botches the damsel in distress role. They’re a match made in Heaven but not in a Raimi film apparently. The villain is by far the worst. I will not go further as I’m drained from his cigar puffing smug face. Let’s just say, very cliche, very cliche indeed. 

The action is outdated as there is multiple scenes of green screen and mucky special effects. The characters are incredibly lame and the plot moves just like any other superhero film. Started out fun due to the cheesiness but that fun kinda wore out by the end of the film.

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