Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island ★★

Octoberthon : 31 Days of Horror (Day 18.5)

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. This is like drinking 10 Piña colada’s spiked with the most cheapest and distasteful rum the bar has to offer. I came for some Maggie Q and I stayed for some Maggie Q. It’s a convoluted fool’s paradise and the trip will make you homesick for its overlong stay. Only an ignorant hungover drunk could say they enjoyed this...*long pause*...ahhhh man, I guess I’m an ignorant hungover drunk. 

“A very generous 2 stars on ‘Yelp’ (Letterboxd)” - Guy with bad taste in movies, me - (sometimes)

Side Note: Why did this film remind me of 2019’s “Serenity”, another film I enjoyed where people love to poop on? Guess I’m flying solo on these getaways.

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