Frozen II

Frozen II ★★

Mayumi & Daddy’s Adventures 

Since my girlfriend was disappointed with my “Frozen 1” review for not giving it the full justice it deserves, I will now go into full detail with each aspect of the film specifically, to truly give this film the justice it deserves. I apologize for my actions in my last Frozen review, with that said, let’s begin the deep dive into my comprehensive review thoroughly.  

I must start off by saying, the visuals are amazing. 

To end my review I must say; I truly appreciate this film for making my daughter happy and giving her plenty of reasons to show off her angelic singing voice. Kudos Frozen. 

Yumi’s Favorite Song: You all already know and she knows every lyric and high notes. 
My Favorite Song: My Daughter’s version of “Into the Unknown”.

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