Gran Torino

Gran Torino ★★★½

Not your average anti-prejudice film, in fact, one can argue that this is the last of its kind. This film will not sit well for the culture-sensitive era that we live in now. 

In my own opinion, I sorta like the idea; how do you change a man who is prejudice against Asians? Well, how about we invite him to an Asian barbecue! Sounds right, don’t it? No, not really. We usually take the easy way out and ridicule them since they’re so hateful and mean, who’s to blame us when we do so either. But that’s the point this movie is trying to make, we’re so quick to judge without willing to go the extra mile and actually understand each other and maybe hopefully, we can lift each other in the same direction. Take the preacher for an example: he stays persistent in order to hear Walt’s confession even through Walt’s multiple dismissals. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we love to talk but hate to listen. Walt in fact, isn’t racist at all, the name-calling and anger he has isn’t with the Asian community nor the world for that matter, his anger comes from being conflicted with what he did in the war, he’s basically living in his regret. Two scenes back this up, if you pay attention, you will catch those scenes when he mentions what he did and how it effected him. He doesn’t have a problem with religion, either, it’s all a show he’s putting on, he’s punishing himself for what he did in the war. Does that give him an excuse to be the way he is? Absolutely not, but at least the Lor family saw the good in him which was hidden behind his anger and hatred. They saw that good in him and brought that goodness out of his own hell. If anything, the Lor family is the ones who saved him.

Politics aside, sorry, it’s just that I’ve read so many unnecessary negative reviews on this film due to its themes, which is mind boggling because it’s the only aspect I did enjoy. Nonetheless, this film is flawed with laughable acting and I have to say, this felt more like a dark comedy. Yea, I still enjoy it.

Side Note:
I know I’m speaking for one person but I have an Asian girlfriend and she absolutely loves this movie. So, no Asians were offended while watching this film that I know of and I know a lot. So calm yourselves down.

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