Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ★★★

The Positives: 
Great action and Snape’s arc is truly magnificent. Easily my favorite scene throughout the whole series is when I learned Snape’s true intentions. I enjoyed how the film ventured back into past films before this. The showdown between Harry and Lord No Nose was frick frackin epic. Definitely pleased with how it all wrapped up regardless of my nitpicks that I’m about to unleash...

The Negatives:
Part One - I love my boy Radcliffe. There is no other Harry Potter. He is the face of this franchise and no other face could replace him but for the love of mercy I wished he would show some damn emotion in pivotal scenes. 2 scenes in particular that is totally butchered by his stale performance. When the greatest twist throughout the whole series that has been leading up to this pivotal moment is revealed Radcliffe is completely wooden and comes off emotionalist. It is so boring that my girlfriend (who adores this franchise) was booing out of disappointment. Another scene is when he finally sees his mother’s hologram for the first time, along with everyone else he adored that has died and he’s completely emotionalist. WHY!? I would be weeping with so many mixed emotions if I seen the ghosts of my loved ones who has died. Just so damn disappointed in Radcliffe’s performance when he needed to bring that extra spark. 

Part 2 - Ron and Hermione. They been Harry’s backup since... idk, the beginning!? But at the end when Harry needs them most they put the fate of Harry Potter in the hands of the guy who wears the ugliest sweater in Hogwarts? Also, why the heck does the special effects and the green screen looks so damn mushy? Please have mercy on us David Yates! Why put us through that cringe fest ending!? PLUS WHY IS THERE KEY CHARACTERS BEING KILLED OFF SCREEN!! THIS IS THE SECOND FILM THEY KILL OFF CHARACTERS IN SUCH A LIFELESS WAY! 

Final Thoughts: 
Regardless of my ramblings, I am extremely impressed with how much this series grabbed my attention. I did not expect to enjoy none of these films as I did. Regardless of Radcliffe’s lackluster performance and how some character arcs are closed in poor fashion I still find most of these characters absolutely fascinating. Harry is easily one of the most likable protagonist in my book. I may not be on the hype train for these films but I can surly understand why so many wants to be jump on the Hogwarts Express. Hot take but I think this is the most coherent series out there compared to the likes of Marvel and Hunger Games who has at least one dud in their franchise. I didn’t find that dud in the Harry Potter series and to me that’s quite an accomplishment. 

Top 10 Favorite Characters: 
1. Harry Potter
2. Dumbledore
3. Snape
4. Luna
5. Mad Eye (even though I’m pissed for how they butchered this character)
6. Hermione 
7. Professor McGonagall
8. Lupin
9. Bellatrix
10. Ummmmmm if you haven’t noticed by now I do not like that Ron kid so I choose the big useless guy Hagrid.

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