I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer ½

Octoberthon : 31 Days of Horror (Day 17.5)

I decided to gamble with my time and complete the so called “Last Summer Trilogy” and to be honest I respect this B-Movie garbage no matter how painfully awful it is. I know that’s a harsh statement but it is no doubt a terribly made film from start to finish but what I did respect is some of the ideas. Even though this was a straight to DVD/B-Movie the idea to use the supernatural-folklore-slasher element was pretty bold but absolutely and nonsensically handled in the worst way imaginable. The acting as you’d expect is nonexistent. I couldn’t believe how boring this film was, even for a B-Movie you’d expect some unintentional laughs or some campy fun but instead we get bad actors and mediocre directing that takes itself waaaaaaaay too serious where it almost becomes a snooze fest which is very disappointing. However, believe it or not there were maybe 2 (at most) scenes where I twitched from cheap jump scares which I tip my hat to. As for the gore and the elaborate death scenes there was some that I could see horror fanatics applauding for its use of practical effects. Regardless of how poorly this film looks and is made, the fact remains that I still found a smidge of positives hidden in this low-budget and pointless installment to an already “ailing series.”