Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ★★

Let’s start with what I appreciated. I loved, loved, loved how the horror element is back. No matter how silly it was, I loved some of the spooky shots of the Indoraptor inside and outside the mansion. Great use of the dark and rain. Speaking about the mansion, I sorta liked how this was mostly set in a mansion that resembles The Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil. Instead of Zombies, we have a genetically modified Dino, which no matter how absurd it sounds, it’s fun. Also, the scene where the dumb and useless human characters are running away from the Volcano eruption alongside the Dinosaurs was epic.

Now with the bad. I couldn’t believe my ears about a certain twist. It is so utterly pointless and adds nothing of value. I couldn’t believe the villain’s motive. Why does there have to be a villain anyways? I couldn’t believe the secret dinosaur auction. I just don’t understand why these ideas were even created and why they thought that would be a good idea. These characters, my goodness, these dull characters. Bryce Dallas Howard and her facial expressions that makes me crack up for the wrong reasons. STOP TRYING TO LOOK PRETTY. Chris Pratt. How did he become so uncharismatic? No energy from him. These other 3 kids, one who is scared of everything, one who is insanely too smart for her own good, and a kid who loves dinosaurs who is sorta redeemable until her arc is completely ruined by a unnecessary twist. Why is it so hard to cheer on these characters, because the writers (and performances) are not leaving us with anything.

I enjoyed this more than Jurassic World 1 but it is still heavily flawed. I’m not sure who’s coming up with these ideas but it needs to stop. I’m hoping the 3rd(6th) installment proves me wrong because my expectations is at an all-time low for this franchise.

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