Kwaidan ★★★★

Masaki Kobayashi directing a horror anthology film? Say no more fam, I knew this was going to be a hit. I was going to do a review for each of the four folk tales separately but the core components for each of them is supernatural and is about death. Each tale has a ghostly presence about them and Kobayashi and his crew makes each story distinctive with haunting visuals and amazing but also mythical set pieces. The colors lured me in and the eerie score hypnotized me. Each tale are slow burns, so beware of the sluggish pacing but Kobayashi is just disciplining his viewers with such patience with mesmerizing cinematography and incredible poise of direction as he takes his time before he delivers that nightmarish final blow to his tales that I found absolutely bone-chilling. Is it super slow? Yes, yes it’s very slow but like I’ve always mentioned before when the chef prepares a rather pricey meal; the longer the wait, the better it’s going to taste. So if you’re a horror fan, you’re going to have your tummy full with this one and you’re more than likely come out rather pleased.

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