Last Summer

Last Summer ★★½

4 strangers turned friends spends a summer together... and things turn sour as they grow tiresome of one friend in the group. 

It’s the 60’s. Expect some drugs, alcohol and sex, or at least premeditating an act of sex. That’s what this film is telling its viewer or should I say “warning” its viewer with some major foreshadowing. This young group of beach bums exploring their youth isn’t as innocent as they seem and the final scene exploits that claim. Now, I won’t spoil anything but I believe this film does a wonderful job on the build up. Even with some questionable acting and cringe worthy dialogue, I was still invested into these characters because in a way you can understand their actions and the dreamy and hazy cinematography makes for an appealing booster for the watchability. 

I don’t think I can recommend this film for its long build up but there is some things to love about this film but I just don’t think it’s recommendable nor rewatchable due to that final scene that I found disturbing to watch.

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