Nightcrawler ★★★★½

Okay, I’ll admit it. After several rewatches the film somehow gets better & better and Lou Bloom is now in my top 5 favorite villains of all-time list. Gyllenhaal gives arguably his best performance I’ve seen, I say arguably because he has so many performances that could be favored by so many of his fans, including myself, I honestly don’t have a concrete answer for which performance of his is his best but his transcending performance as the greedy, menacing Lou Bloom probably takes the cake. Gilroy’s message about criminal journalism, trending news that most will eat up no matter how graphic and immoral the content is, it’s all expertly handled but it’s Jake’s performance that makes this film so entertaining. Without it, I’m not sure my rating would be as high as it is. 

Enough about Jake, but Gilroy definitely has an opinion on how people consume and view the news. I love how the film doesn’t just show Bloom’s sinister ideas but also the toxicity from the ones behind the scenes and behind the TV. The world loves to see graphic and entertaining news to fulfill their boredom but most will ignore their own insensitivity by showing the victims at hand. What’s even more crazy is what some producers will pay to get their dirty hands on it for their own personal value while dropping all their morals to get it. The length some people take to get where they want, all for the sake of the American dream, some will do just about anything to get it, even if it cost them their own soul. 

This is obviously a must watch, prime Gyllenhaal giving a very wicked and slimy portrayal of one of the most perplexed psychopath’s on screen & Gilroy’s stellar writing and themes makes for one of the most surprising gems of the last decade. 

And I still miss my guy Bill Paxton. 🙁. I hope he’s resting in peace. 

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