Palm Springs

Palm Springs ★★★½

Date Night

Exactly what we needed. A fun romantic comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. If anything, I would give this a perfect score for being released at such a perfect time, a time where cinema and the world as a whole was living in their own kinda time loop during lockdown, all wondering when this pandemic is going to end!? Well, we still don’t know but like this film and it’s core message, it’s nice to know we’re not going through these things alone and if we’re lucky, some of us has the pleasure to go through it with the ones they love, to realize that maybe life isn’t necessarily meaningless. 

This was no doubt the most fun we have had with a newer release. The chemistry that Milioti & Samberg goes unmatched and Simmons is clearly having so much fun. The film gets predictable and it follows the same formula of any other romance films made before it but the timing of this film and its release gives it the extra boost everyone needs. Sit back, crack open a beer or pour yourself a glass of wine and have a fun time with this one if you haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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