Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory ★★★½

I guess we can basically thank Kubrick for Sam Mendes’s “1917”. The influence this film has had on other war films is astounding. I see so many resemblances from other war films made after it. Especially the political side of war and that anti-war message we all love. 

What fascinates me the most is how this film was able to succeed in such ways with its subject matter and only be under 90 minutes long. How is that possible?! A war film filled with politics, anti-war messages AND war action under 2hrs?! Amazing to cram all that in with such little runtime. On a technical level, this is gorgeous. The charging of the Ant Hill scene was glorious along with the tracking shots inside the trenches. Kirk Douglas & George Macready put on a good show with their performances as well. 

I suppose to “justify” my rating is that there were some concepts that I felt was a little exaggerated or just a little too much for me to where I couldn’t believe it. Macready’s character is so evil that I was becoming more frustrated than I was impressed. I feel him and other members of the higher party was being that ridiculously evil for the sake of the film. Also, the last shot sorta made me laugh how these men are tearing up and the camera zooms in on one of the tears that is falling on a soldier’s face. That’s extremely poetic but way too dramatic for my liking. 

Nonetheless, this is considered one the greatest war films ever made and I have to say, I won’t argue that but it’s one I wish I would’ve taken more seriously.

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