Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ★★★½

Unpopular opinion but I’ve always enjoyed this installment more than “The Curse of the Black Pearl”. I understand why though, the writing isn’t nearly as witty nor is the story as simple and coherent but go ahead and let me walk the plank to say this is much more epic and character driven. 

I think what I love most is the love affair between Elizabeth (Knightley) & Jack (Depp). This is one of the few films where I wish for the “good girl” to choose the “bad boy”. Mild spoilers but they share an on-screen kiss that is ranked up there in the all-time list for most alluring kisses ever. I’m just deeply hooked on their chemistry and how different the two of them are, yet to be both compatible for each other.

Then we have boring young Will Turner (Bloom), which I didn’t enjoy in first installment but in this film his arc is much more interesting with him dealing with his father and basically making deals with the devil of the sea. Speaking of the Devil, Davy Jones (Nighy) is a ferocious villain and that flawless grotesque design of his still blows my mind. Speaking on the CGI now, am I seriously watching a film from the 2000’s because I can’t tell. The special effects are so crisp and squeaky clean. 

Idk, I just love the multiple plot lines in this film and how everything unfolds. The action is absurd but I still had fun. I love the film’s epic conclusion with the Kraken and that beautifully iconic final slo-mo shot of Captain Jack drawing his sword and charging his way into the belly of the beast with Hans Zimmer’s gallant score playing over it, that’s what you call a legendary finale. 

“Hello Beastie.”

Bonus Points: I mentioned it before but it must be said again, having Hans Zimmer on board makes a huge difference for me. I’m not sure how he and his crew does it but his presence makes each scene better.

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