Polytechnique ★★★½

This is in no way a bad film. I don’t think Denis Villeneuve is capable of making a bad movie. Performances are outstanding. On a technical level this is a well sounded film and the story is very real and very dreadful. We see three different perspectives for each victims and all three were devastating. It’s just that this kind of subject matter is too brutal for me to watch. I feel helpless. I respect how it shows the life of the victims after going through such a pain enduring catastrophe. Most people don’t know that the survivors of something like this doesn’t necessarily survive it afterwards because of the trauma they faced. With this type of subject matter I wished Denis would’ve showed less of the brutality of it all. I know the shooter was crazy and I know this effected many lives but I wanted to know how it can change or what we need to do as a community to make sure it never happens again but I didn’t see any of that shown here instead I just see the chaos and bloodshed of it all. This one was tough to sit through. Very depressing movie and maybe that’s what Denis wanted us to feel like but I wanted to feel more than depressed. A very well made movie and a solid one watch.

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