Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo ★★★½

Was expecting a snooze fest and a conventional Western, instead I received an intense and fun story with complex characters. John Wayne, Dean Martin and Walter Brennan’s chemistry is pure marvelous, each having their own signature characteristics about them. They may be good guys but they’re fun, loving, wisecracking and brave good guys that are “Most Wanted” when discussing lead characters that I can cheer for. The action is swift and never exaggerated. The dialogue is witty but also serious when it needs to be. The romance may be pointless and haphazard but Angie Dickinson is incredibly talented and completely gorgeous.

Listen, if you love Westerns, I believe this is one you can’t pass up if you haven’t seen it already. I started to feel the weight of the runtime but it still managed to rapidly shootout some good ol’ fashioned Western fun.

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