Shrek ★★★

I never jumped on the hype train for Shrek. I thought it tried way too hard to be different from all the other animations by crapping on the Disney classic fairy tales. It’s a bold move and it’s one that has the respect from almost everyone who watches it but just like my first viewing as a kid, it’s still just as annoying with tons of unfunny sexual innuendos, unnecessary cursing, a donkey that won’t shut up, an ungrateful ogre, a soundtrack that screams unoriginality and a running gag for how short the king is. But hey, once I ignore what I didn’t like, the film can be quite fun due to its adventurous tone and the voice acting with Eddie Murphy & Mike Myers bouncing off each other is impressive. Plus I can’t deny the cute message about accepting your true form. However, I’m still and never will be on the hype train.

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