The Big Sky

The Big Sky ★★½

The synopsis is a lie. Kirk Douglas isn’t the leader of these fur trappers, instead Arthur Hunnicutt leads the group and to put it bluntly he leads the whole film. Kirk shines, no doubt, but Arthur whom I have no idea of existence until now, carries the film with this wiseman, uncle-like, sharp-witted, old man who can speak Indian. This guy has that likable presence on screen where you just crack a big smile with every line delivered by his carefree performance. That’s where I have to give credit, the characters are fun. Kirk, Arthur and Dewey Martin leads the film with charisma.
The western adventure works due to their performances and sharp writing but unfortunately this is another film that drags due to its runtime and not much to offer in its plot. 

Other than some likable performances and some gunfights there’s not much else to gain from. I’ve noticed in the early 50’s that simple films are being stretched to almost 3hrs and I think that’s due because of the buzz around award season but I’m growing weary of them real fast.