The Haunted Mask ★★★★

Very disappointed in Letterboxd for not putting the rest of the episodes from the greatest horror show for kids for me to log. Seriously, I wouldn’t be on this app logging films with you all if it wasn’t for this show. It paved the way for my love for the horror genre and got me to love film in general. If you guys can, please contact the crew of Letterboxd and ask them nicely to have the rest of the episodes on here to log. I would appreciate that very much, as I’ve already sent them a message. Thanks guys.

So I decided to show my daughter the first episode which is about a girl who is scared of everything and decides to steal a mask from a creepy novelty store and once she puts on the mask she becomes evil and she can’t take it off unless she shows a symbol of love. 

My daughter who is also scared of everything absolutely loved it. This is strictly for kids and nostalgia plays a big part for my rating but I admit, it has a message that is easy to miss with the abysmal acting that takes place. The kids can’t act for nothing but once the mask is on, it’s hard not to appreciate the horror magic. The early special effects has aged well, there is a scene that shows multiple spooky masks floating around and it wasn’t an eye sore, in fact, the special effects aged great. The heartfelt message about accepting yourself is admirable. The horror aspect isn’t going to win over adults but like I said, it does the job for the kids and that’s all I can ask for but I’m all jacked up on nostalgia that I’m completely oblivious to the flaws. If you have kids, definitely watch this with them, it’ll help them overcome their fears as a kid. And again, please notify the crew of Letterboxd to add more episodes to log, thank you!