The Invitation

The Invitation ★★★½

Logan Marshal-Green gives a fantastic performance. Honestly, you should see this at least once to see this performance. He’s what moves this film so well until the very end. I love how the director only shows us what Logan’s character sees. We as a viewer can only make out what’s in our minds through the mind and eyes of our main lead. We see what he sees, we feel what he feels, this is a great tactic to make the film feel more psychological and mysterious. Until the last 20 minutes where things started to go haywire I was guessing and wondering if Logan’s character has a point of reason or he’s just nuts because of his backstory. The story and the performance around his character is what made this movie likable for me. 

That last 20 minutes which I mentioned is poorly executed. We spend the whole movie questioning the hostess motives and it just falls flat when the mystery is gone. The whole tone of the movie changes into a whole other genre. I have such a problem with this because I was predicting the twist to happen and the director didn’t take the risk to prove me wrong nor at least make it ambiguous. There is another twist at the very end just before the credits that would’ve worked so well if the first twist wasn’t revealed until the very end with it. This is a prime example of a director not taking risks, she exposed the first twist so early instead of using those last 20 minutes to build it up but instead it just changed into a cliche horror flick. This could’ve been one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve seen in years, but unfortunately that ending ruined that claim for me. 

Final verdict: this is a all around great movie with one amazing performance from Logan Marshall-Green. It’s a fun ride with many twist and turns, just wish the twists was better executed. One of the better psychological films out there. Definitely worth a watch.

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