The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights ★★★

Would have to agree with my LB buddy Sam on this one (although my rating is lower than his), this is an upgrade compared to the Roger Moore versions in terms of tone, story and overall character. No more silly action, a more serious approach to the story, no more painfully cheesy one-liners and finally a Bond who doesn’t sleep with every woman he sees (for the most part).

My biggest complaint is... well... just like most Superhero films (besides a select few) I just find this character, this story, this whole franchise completely boring and formulaic. I was never a big fan for the Bond franchise and if you haven’t notice, well, I hope you all know now. You know who’s going to survive, you know the bad guy is going to die or get caught, you know he’s going to fall for the girl, you know the girl is going to fall for him, you know he’s going to complete the mission, “OH LOOK HIS ASTON MARTIN CAN TRANSFORM INTO A SNOW MOBILE!!! OH MY, THIS MOVIE IS SOOOOO GOOD”, I’m tired of it. It’s still cheap and stinky in terms of formula. But hey, just like any Bond film before this, I have fun engulfing the predictable.

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