The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything ★★½

I was expecting a very intelligent biopic about one of the most interesting minds of our generation. Instead of diving deep into that big mind of his we get a very cheesy melodrama about the trails of a wife who needs help taking care of Stephen... ??? I’m sorry but I was wanting to know more about the scientific theories of black holes and instead I’m a witness of a black hole filled with clichés. 

The performances are incredible even though I believe Eddie’s Oscar was debatable but he does transcend into a character that feels so authentic which I highly respect. The problem here is everything else. There was maybe 2 or 3 scenes that seemed sincere but most of the film feels like a sentimental teenager who dreams of a rustic and bohemian wedding stylized, wrote, edited and directed the film with some of the most ugliest filters I’ve ever seen in a biopic. The look and feel of this film felt like I was reading a Better Homes & Garden magazine. 

It turns out that the Theory of Everything was everything I wasn’t hoping for.

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