The Train ★★★★

Just like a real train, the film takes awhile for it to build up that speed but once it gets going, it’s a ride you never want to stop. John Frankenheimer and Burt Lancaster is a great duo to have when creating an action war film. Both of them were made for films of this nature. Lancaster manages to hop on one leg throughout the whole last act while also killing nazis. It’s epic in every way possible. 

The stunts and the camera work is the best I’ve seen from an action standpoint from this era. I firmly believe there isn’t a better action film that has been released before this film because some of the crash scenes and shots are incredibly awesome to watch. Seriously, some of the best camera work I’ve ever seen.

The concept alone is interesting enough, the French putting their lives at stake for the sake of art that the Germans are trying to steal. If you call yourself a film lover then there’s no reason not to give this film a shot for that sole reason. Want to know how valuable and important art is, well give this a watch and you’ll see how vital art may be to the ones who will sacrifice for it. 

I’m a sucker for train films but take away my fascination for trains and it’s still a damn good movie that packs tons of adrenaline and steam. This is not only a must watch for fans of war action films but also fans of art and the general idea of it. Dare I say, this is possibly one of my favorite films based around trains.

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