Topkapi ★★★

4th film from Jules Dassin I’ve gotten the pleasure to review and each film has been a success for my viewing experience. This guy is a master at displaying some sort of crime, whether it be a heist, prison break or a detective murder mystery, his films are all extremely well made and very precise on visual details. When the heist finally takes place, the film becomes condensed with tension as the camera cuts back and forth to pivotal details that gets me engaged with the heist in motion and hoping for their success. That’s another aspect this film did really well and that’s making me care for the fate of these thieves. Although they’re mischievous, they’re not killers or gang bangers and the film takes its time by giving its viewers plenty of time to grow with these characters. It’s a lighthearted heist film that gave me plenty of smiles and laughs (also sweat from the tension) and I think it’s one worth seeing especially for fans of the genre. Kudos to Dassin for winning me over with multiple films of his and the consistency to be great quality is an achievement on its own. Definitely worth seeing.