Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries ★★★½

“I have a habit of recalling scenes from childhood to calm me”

Talk about a self awakening road trip! Even though this came out years after this but this film reminded me a lot like Andrei Tarkovsky’sNostalgia”, especially with that final shot. 

The performances are incredible and the cinematography is dreamlike. The dialogue is thought-provoking but if you know Bergman, that’s exactly what his films are; very, very, very complex but in a very respectable kinda way. He doesn’t spoon feed you answers but also leaves enough there for you to gather.

Yea, I’m starting to enjoy his work more and more as I get to experience more of it. I still think Persona is the most overrated film I’ve seen in my life but I’m starting to understand the hype for him as a director. I love his approach with the many themes in this film. He never throws them in your face, it’s a nice simple, slow and gentle walk to one of the most bittersweet but beautiful last shots I’ve seen.

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