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  • Tokyo Olympiad

    Tokyo Olympiad

    Nothing screams ‘merica more than seeing USA making their entrance all wearing cowboy hats. I absolutely loved it, even though I never “cowboy’d” in my life. 

    This was a beautiful well shot and edited documentary about the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 1964. On a technical level, this piece of work is flawless. The close-ups, zoom-in’s, long shots, slo-mo’s, each and every frame is pure magic to gaze upon. If you love the Olympics and want to touch up on history…

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    Well I guess I’ll be that one person. Obviously I’m missing something because out of all my followers I have rated this lower than any of them. It’s weird feeling so alone on such a beloved film by most but I hope my reasons may give you all a better understanding. 

    As for musicals goes this in my opinion is nothing new, in fact, I find other musical films released before this much more enjoyable. The story about Hollywood adapting…

  • The Telephone Box

    The Telephone Box

    A man is trapped in a telephone booth and things take a turn for the worse when no one can get him out.

    It’s probably going to sound crazy since this is only 35 minutes long but this felt more like an hour considering not much is happening but I think what feels like a long time pays off at the end. Throughout most of the runtime besides the haunting climax the film is just showing how screwed this guy…

  • X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

    X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes


    A doctor creates eye drops that gives him X-Ray vision, it then turns for the worst when the side effects kick in.

    Definitely one I appreciate. It’s B-Movie galore but it gets the job done. It starts off pretty slow due to lack of characterization because I honestly can’t remember anything about this man that describes who is as a character other than a doctor with a name and who is trying to become Godlike but thankfully the film picks…

  • Thunderball



    Positives: An all-out underwater war in scuba gear. Domino’s beauty. Bond escaping a sticky situation using a jetpack, yes, a freaking jet pack. Domino’s beauty. Bond actually using his brain and getting creative to get himself out of trouble. Domino’s beauty. A freaking shark pool (minus the freaking laser beams on their freaking head). Domino’s beauty. The Bahamas setting and last but not least, Domino’s profound beauty. 

    Negatives: Disposable villain and The Bond Formula where the film is just predictable and uninteresting until that epic last underwater battle. 

    Bonus Points: Domino giving the best eye candy throughout the series. Going to be tough to beat.

  • El Topo

    El Topo


    I experienced it and I hated it. It’s another weird one I can’t jump on board with.  I am unfamiliar with this type of style of filmmaking so I will not try to decipher the film. All I can say is if you love experimental, weird and bizarre style of filmmaking then this is your type of acid but for me, I’d rather stay sober and clear (simple) minded.

  • Last Summer

    Last Summer


    4 strangers turned friends spends a summer together... and things turn sour as they grow tiresome of one friend in the group. 

    It’s the 60’s. Expect some drugs, alcohol and sex, or at least premeditating an act of sex. That’s what this film is telling its viewer or should I say “warning” its viewer with some major foreshadowing. This young group of beach bums exploring their youth isn’t as innocent as they seem and the final scene exploits that claim.…

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    I’m guilty for not having viewed the beloved 1978 remake so I can’t really compare the two but I can say I love how this film still stands on its own for a solid Science Fiction film made in the 50’s. The premise is interesting and the film moves at an even pace. Even though I found the first few acts sort of bland, it wasn’t due to the pacing, it was the lack of compatible characters and bad performances…

  • Pickpocket



    Fascinating to get an inside glimpse of the life of a pickpocketer and I believe the film is at it’s best when showcasing those themes but unfortunately I found the side plots with our main lead underwhelming, along with his wooden performance.

    As I mentioned before, the pickpocketing scenes are enthralling due to some magnificent directing. The scenes are very intense and the tricks they pull off is so neat to watch, almost seems like magic with what they can…

  • Krampus




    Extremely disappointed with this one. This was supposed to be our Christmas film to watch to get us pumped up for Christmas but after seeing this in the theaters with my family back home and absolutely loving it, I thought there was no way it was going to lose that spark, but it did. With that said I understand why most consider this their essential Christmas film…

  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins


    As a kid, I would eat this up. It’s nothing but space action with no underlying messages nor heartwarming sequences. Mira Nova (Lady Buzz) is awesome and some of the childlike humor was hit and miss but unfortunately as a whole, this film is boring. Nothing to gain but I did enjoy some of nostalgia that I was feeling.

  • The Grey

    The Grey


    “Once more into the fray...”

    Not your average Hollywood Man vs. Wild action flick, instead we get a highbrow survival drama with a suicidal Liam Neeson yearning over his wife and pleading to the skies for God’s help while clinging onto the last bit of faith he has, which appears to be weakening as the wolves get closer and the cold gets colder. 

    The performances are incredible. Of course Liam Neeson shines the most who is given the most but…