• Seance on a Wet Afternoon

    Seance on a Wet Afternoon


    A demanding wife schemes up a plan to kidnap a child from a rich family in order to make her more famous as a medium and she gets her obedient husband to help her.

    Yea, as you can tell the motive is extremely silly and obvious that it’s damn near impossible for that plan to succeed but I gotta hand it to our two leads who sale this bizarre premise and completely baffled me with surprise by how intrigued I…

  • The Pawnbroker

    The Pawnbroker


    Phew, depressingly good. The story follows a pawnbroker who is a completely broken human being because of his past being a prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp. The film shows quick miss-if-you-blink flashbacks through the mind of this character as he faces trials of his own during his life now as a pawnbroker. Not much to praise with this film but the performance from Rod Steiger must be noted because I feel that his talent as an actor carried this…

  • Topkapi



    4th film from Jules Dassin I’ve gotten the pleasure to review and each film has been a success for my viewing experience. This guy is a master at displaying some sort of crime, whether it be a heist, prison break or a detective murder mystery, his films are all extremely well made and very precise on visual details. When the heist finally takes place, the film becomes condensed with tension as the camera cuts back and forth to pivotal details…

  • The Train

    The Train


    Just like a real train, the film takes awhile for it to build up that speed but once it gets going, it’s a ride you never want to stop. John Frankenheimer and Burt Lancaster is a great duo to have when creating an action war film. Both of them were made for films of this nature. Lancaster manages to hop on one leg throughout the whole last act while also killing nazis. It’s epic in every way possible. 

    The stunts…

  • Zulu



    I’ve seen a film very similar to this, that’s based off a true event and is nearly identical in narrative and structure. That film is called “The Alamo” and just like “The Alamo”, both are incredibly toneless, paced awfully and culturally inaccurate and insensitive for the opposing sides. The Zulu’s do speak a language, don’t let the film fool you, although the film shows that they just love to kill, dance and sing, they too have a language and feelings…

  • Shrek



    I never jumped on the hype train for Shrek. I thought it tried way too hard to be different from all the other animations by crapping on the Disney classic fairy tales. It’s a bold move and it’s one that has the respect from almost everyone who watches it but just like my first viewing as a kid, it’s still just as annoying with tons of unfunny sexual innuendos, unnecessary cursing, a donkey that won’t shut up, an ungrateful ogre,…

  • Kwaidan



    Masaki Kobayashi directing a horror anthology film? Say no more fam, I knew this was going to be a hit. I was going to do a review for each of the four folk tales separately but the core components for each of them is supernatural and is about death. Each tale has a ghostly presence about them and Kobayashi and his crew makes each story distinctive with haunting visuals and amazing but also mythical set pieces. The colors lured me…

  • The Haunted Mask

    The Haunted Mask


    Very disappointed in Letterboxd for not putting the rest of the episodes from the greatest horror show for kids for me to log. Seriously, I wouldn’t be on this app logging films with you all if it wasn’t for this show. It paved the way for my love for the horror genre and got me to love film in general. If you guys can, please contact the crew of Letterboxd and ask them nicely to have the rest of the…

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    I’m sorry but I much rather prefer the film to be based around Meg Ryan & Goose’s relationship than Maverick and his girlfriend who likes to lick leftover food from Tom Cruise’s chin. Seriously, the sloppy tongue kissing was gross as hell, it’s only acceptable with me and my lady but I don’t want to see that when I watch a movie. I also don’t want to see Tom Cruise in whitey-tightie’s anymore, I believe showing him more than once was…

  • The Gospel According to Matthew

    The Gospel According to Matthew


    Phew, where do I begin? Let’s start with the positives. It’s nicely shot, the camera is catching all the beauty of the wide open country and the score is absolutely amazing. Score and cinematography, mesmerized me. 

    Let’s begin with the negatives. Pacing is an issue. Tons and tons of talking and it doesn’t help that this film is lengthy in its runtime. People staring at nothing, staring at the sky, staring at the trees, clean-cut Italian gel-haired Jesus posing for…

  • Onibaba



    Dog lovers beware, this is the film that started that unfunny joke about Asians eating dog, I’m just fair warning ya. 

    Well, I suppose around the mid 60’s I assume that anything goes from here in the realm of cinema because this has easily the most nudity I’ve seen from the 60’s era and anything before it. That’s to say, this whole film is nasty considering from a character standpoint and plot points. Two female murdering thieves who is a…

  • Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins


    The live-action combined with the animations, all dancing and singing along the painted backgrounds was simply and purely sublime. There is magic here, no doubt, but it all got so tiring for me as I was never a fan for these fantasized live-action Disney classics in the first place. The full display of imagination and the joy coming from sheer happiness can be explored and obtained to the ones who allows it but with such a long runtime, countless dancing…