Jacob has written 95 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2020.

  • Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

    Pandora and the Flying Dutchman


    Phew, this one was tough to get through. Not that I had a terrible time, it’s just so heavily melodramatic that I wish I would’ve brought my wine and crackers to the cheese fest. 

    The Flying Dutchman is a great tale to build a premise on but I was expecting the legend himself to be... well, an interesting and likable character? 2hrs of James Mason’s vintage “blank stare” facial expression just doesn’t cut it for me. Along with Ava Gardner.…

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    I Still Believe in Heroes 

    I won’t waste no time with this one. Performances are great but the characters are weak. The action looks fantastic but played very safe where it gets boring. The “coming of age” feel to this film doesn’t fit well with me. Tom Holland is a great actor but I’m missing Sam Raimi’s version of Spider-Man. Michael Keaton is great but Vulture is average. Ned is annoying, simple as that. Zendaya isn’t here or is she?…

  • Dr. No

    Dr. No


    Bond. James Bond. 

    Dreamy Jamaican location that is so hot that the actress Ursula Andress doesn’t own any pair of pants, shoot, not even a pair of cut off shorts, just bikinis and a wet white shirt...seriously? Seriously, I know this is a Bond film and she is supposed to be a sex symbol but that’s it? Oh boy, I’m already rethinking about this Bond marathon because I haven’t even gotten around to the worst of the worst. 

    Sean Connery…

  • Angst



    Octoberthon : 31 Nights of Horror (Day 28)

    Girlfriend said and I quote: “Well, this is interesting.” - and I couldn’t agree more because I’ve never seen a slasher film that feels this chaotic and real. The camera angles, the daunting score that hovers around as our psycho drags his victims like they were trash, the physically frantic performance from Erwin Leder who is perfectly casted as this psychopath since he has this creepy look about him, everything is in…

  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    Octoberthon : 31 Days of Horror (Day 12)


    Well, it’s not as bad as I can remember. I remember being obsessed with the release for this movie and there was no other film that I was ever excited for to come out and once it did, I came out of the theater as the most disappointed 21-year-old on the planet which was a perfect age since I could drink my sorrows away but thankfully, now that the…

  • The River

    The River


    A romantic family drama set in India where one of the sisters narrates the India culture and the details of her first love that involves her big sister.

    It’s beautiful to look at and even more wonderful to take in with how it showcases the perks and lifestyle of the natives living in India but where it lacks is in the stale performances and the exaggerated plot about growing pains and a young girls infatuations with a unlikable American who…

  • Red River

    Red River


    A grand western epic from the legendary director Howard Hawks staring one of the most iconic western figures of all-time John Wayne. The performances as you’d expect were subtlety tip top. Hawks at moments brings great sequences of the cattle stampeding and setting up a climax about a father figure and an orphan who wants to kill each other despite their love for each other. Fans of the genre will soak it all in but unfortunately halfway through I was…

  • Spring in a Small Town

    Spring in a Small Town


    A family drama set in a post-war era where a love affair is in the midst when a long time family friend comes for a visit. 

    I hate to say this because there were sincere moments and you can see that some heart was put into this project but unfortunately on a personal and emotional level this was painfully boring...even with the speed turned up to maybe give it a boost since the pacing is extremely slow but unfortunately the…

  • A Better Tomorrow

    A Better Tomorrow


    Hopefully the sequel will be A Better viewingin which I will be watching Tomorrow..

  • All the King's Men

    All the King's Men


    The film follows the rise of a politician who’s promising words gets him to the top but his corrupt actions gets him in trouble.

    The performances are fantastic. The writing is at times very excellent. The film as a whole can be very moving due to its message but it unfortunately ran out of gas after it’s great first act. Near the second act is when we start to see the guy become more and more corrupt but the film…

  • The Ruins

    The Ruins


    The cliche essentials to an American horror film checklist: 

    Dumb hot American tourists with B-list actors. - check 

    Dumb sketchy European outcast who persuades the dumb Americans to do something dumb. - check (still love ya Joe Anderson lol) 

    Dumb evil locals from foreign land who are unnecessarily evil for no logical reason. - check

    Dumb unlimited decisions made by every dumb character that leads them into dumb life threatening situations. - check

    Dumb rope that breaks only when used…

  • The Fallen Idol

    The Fallen Idol


    A boy idolizes his father’s butler but once the boy learns about his idol’s lies he then changes his perception. 

    While the film has a somewhat Hitchcock-like feel to the movie especially near the last act and while also having strong performances from each cast member, I still found the film more tough to get through due to this child that the whole film focuses around because he is about as annoying, spoiled, and forgive me for saying this but…