Jacob has written 59 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2021.

  • Mother India

    Mother India


    “It’s essential to be punished.”

    I love Indian cuisine. I eat it at least once a week. I’m a lover for spicy foods. I’ve had a high spice palate since I was a little boy pouring hot sauce into my Grandma’s chili. Some of my friends I’ve dined with has called me crazy for ordering the spiciest foods on the menu. I just love the science behind spice, how it can reduce your appetite which can save you some money…

  • Oklahoma!



    “One good-bye is never enough.”

    AGREED!... bye, farewell, cheerio, bye-bye, I’m out, take care, take it easy, have a great one, have a good one, must be going, gotta take off, away I go, bon voyage, toodaloo, best wishes but most of all “Oklahoma”: see you never again.

    “Oh, what a beautiful day.” 

  • Salt of the Earth

    Salt of the Earth


    This film is based on a true story and it rightfully showcases some vital issues at hand but it’s so lifeless and poorly executed that I had a struggle finishing it. It’s hard to sit here and expect a film to be great with no real actors, an unpolished director at the helm and having no financial support to give it the extra boost it needs but to sit here and tell y’all I appreciated its value due to its…

  • Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

    Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly


    “No. No. Nooooo. No No. NoNoNo.”

    Bio No. No. No. No. NoNoNoNoNo. No. No No. NoNoNo. No. No. No... No... NONONONO.

    BroNooooooooo. No No. NoNoNo. No. No. No. No. N... O. No No NoNoNo. GoNo No No. 

    BoNOus PoiNOts: NO NO NO. NOOOOO. No. No. N... No.

  • Ride Lonesome

    Ride Lonesome


    Hey, it’s only 72 minutes. It’s a low budget Western filled with mediocre technicalities and stale performances... very stale for that matter... our protagonist is nearly darn mute. Nonetheless, it’s only 72 minutes. This film moves at such a slow pace that I honestly forgot what the plot was about after the film ended but thankfully the film is only 72 minutes long. They stop and set camp, they talk about how beautiful the lone girl is, they wake up,…

  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


    The film’s tagline reads: 
    “Singin’! Dacin’! Romancin’!” - but left out - “Kidnappin’! Standardizin’! Discriminatin’!”

    This was weirdly interesting to watch and there is some charm to be found but this is so outdated that the cringe started to take its toll. 

    “The wolves are like good company after what I’ve been though.”

  • Animal Farm

    Animal Farm


    A group of farm animals revolt against the farmers. Successful with their revolution, things then turn sour when the Pigs become tyrannies of the farm. It’s propaganda at its finest. It’s one big metaphor and it’s not fun. Yes, it’s animated but it’s grim and super political. I love animations and I appreciate animated stories when the story is original and is for adults but I have a line drawn when it’s crammed with propaganda. This one didn’t click with me.

  • Magnificent Obsession

    Magnificent Obsession


    “When will I get outta here? I have too many things that can’t wait.”

    As my girlfriend would tell me; I only lasted 5 minutes when the sentimental soundtrack showed it’s big ugly smile on it’s overly melodramatic face. It’s films like these that makes list completing very, very tough. I give the film its credit, it whooped my ass. 

    Magnificent Obsession - 1
    Jake - 0 (KO)

  • The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

    The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.


    Well... I did not expect the surreal visuals that my kid self would be so delighted to see... therein lies the problem, this film is solely for children that it’s almost impossible for an adult to get invested into the story, a story that revolves around a kid’s imagination in this weird world of psychedelic colors and men in tights dancing and everyone randomly sings out of the blue. It starts off great due to its bizarre world building but…

  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad


    Repetitive Voiceover” - “Requires Multiple Viewings” - “You will either view it as pretentious arthouse drivel” - “Has one of the most confusing plots in movie history” - “It could be very possible you could loathe this film” - “Test’s your patience” - “The antiques has more personality than the characters”...

    These are just some of the words from the letterboxd users who has LOVED the film. Now just imagine the words from someone who hates it.

  • The Tin Drum

    The Tin Drum


    Throughout this whole film I was wondering if I reviewed or logged Jojo Rabbit on letterboxd? I was contemplating this while watching because I wish I could’ve stopped this and put in Jojo. 

    I didn’t enjoy this bizarre symbolic film that features tons of odd metaphors and awkward sex scenes with underage characters and beheaded horses filled with eels inside its head, while this supposedly grown man-child beats his drum and screams half the time breaking glass around him. I…