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  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita


    This has to be the most simplest, confusing and weirdest film I’ve ever seen. From the surface, it’s one gigantic week of partying, glamour, drinking, women, sex, exotic adventures and fun shenanigans. Oh, and there’s also a very sentimental sequence that involves a father and son night out that ends in a metaphorical heartbreak. That’s just the surface. Underneath it’s biblical, art house, thought-provoking, elements of fantasy, filled with underlying meanings and each night sequence is a metaphor for something…

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


    Even though I didn’t fully connect with the story on a personal level, I can’t help but to be amazed by Hayao Miyazaki’s imagination and his world building. I loved the medieval but also futuristic environment in the middle of this mythical sand dune. The hazy animations are vividly appealing. Though I didn’t appreciate the side characters and creatures as much as other Miyazaki’s films but in Miyazaki fashion, the female protagonist kicks ass and has tons of spirit. His mind, his world, his creativity, the score, the visuals, it all moves in perfect harmony.

  • Paddington 2

    Paddington 2


    Who doesn’t love a sequel that surpasses its predecessor. It took everything from the first installment and made it better. More action, more heartfelt moments, more aesthetics, more fun, more interesting villain and more marmalade. Did I also mention a tearjerking ending that warms the heart? 

    Now here comes my dark side as I complain about little nitpicks that I shouldn’t complain about. I love when a film uses other ideas from other movies and make it better. I mean,…

  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Sweet Smell of Success


    An obsessive brother uses his publicist to tear apart his sister’s love affair. 

    Powerhouse performances from Burt Lancaster & Tony Curtis. Lancaster’s character J.J is easily one of the most pettiest characters that I’ve ever seen on screen. Curtis’s character Sidney is just as rotten. Both will do despicable and sinister acts to get what they want. No humanity or mercy for anyone that stands in their way and both talented actors confidently plays these slimy characters well.

    The script is…

  • The Bridge on the River Kwai

    The Bridge on the River Kwai


    The Japanese army forces British POW’s to build a bridge to aid the Japanese in war but mostly it’s a story about obsession, pride and principles, all in the midst of war. The incredible performances, gorgeous cinematography and an epic scale of a flawless production design, this film gives the real-life story its fair justice but with a suspenseful and explosive climax that will shake your bones.

  • Wild Strawberries

    Wild Strawberries


    “I have a habit of recalling scenes from childhood to calm me”

    Talk about a self awakening road trip! Even though this came out years after this but this film reminded me a lot like Andrei Tarkovsky’sNostalgia”, especially with that final shot. 

    The performances are incredible and the cinematography is dreamlike. The dialogue is thought-provoking but if you know Bergman, that’s exactly what his films are; very, very, very complex but in a very respectable kinda way. He doesn’t…

  • Gran Torino

    Gran Torino


    Not your average anti-prejudice film, in fact, one can argue that this is the last of its kind. This film will not sit well for the culture-sensitive era that we live in now. 

    In my own opinion, I sorta like the idea; how do you change a man who is prejudice against Asians? Well, how about we invite him to an Asian barbecue! Sounds right, don’t it? No, not really. We usually take the easy way out and ridicule them…

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


    Unpopular opinion but I’ve always enjoyed this installment more than “The Curse of the Black Pearl”. I understand why though, the writing isn’t nearly as witty nor is the story as simple and coherent but go ahead and let me walk the plank to say this is much more epic and character driven. 

    I think what I love most is the love affair between Elizabeth (Knightley) & Jack (Depp). This is one of the few films where I wish for the…

  • Rio Bravo

    Rio Bravo


    Was expecting a snooze fest and a conventional Western, instead I received an intense and fun story with complex characters. John Wayne, Dean Martin and Walter Brennan’s chemistry is pure marvelous, each having their own signature characteristics about them. They may be good guys but they’re fun, loving, wisecracking and brave good guys that are “Most Wanted” when discussing lead characters that I can cheer for. The action is swift and never exaggerated. The dialogue is witty but also serious…

  • Paths of Glory

    Paths of Glory


    I guess we can basically thank Kubrick for Sam Mendes’s “1917”. The influence this film has had on other war films is astounding. I see so many resemblances from other war films made after it. Especially the political side of war and that anti-war message we all love. 

    What fascinates me the most is how this film was able to succeed in such ways with its subject matter and only be under 90 minutes long. How is that possible?! A…

  • Kanal



    A group of resistance fighters tries to escape the Nazi onslaught in the city of Warsaw by going through the sewers. 

    With dedicated performances, incredible camera work, intense claustrophobia and a tragic finale, Kanal is a must watch for World War 2 junkies. The film has a sluggish beginning but once the fighters move into the sewers the film never lifts its finger off the trigger. Highly recommend for war film fanatics like myself.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Date Night

    Exactly what we needed. A fun romantic comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. If anything, I would give this a perfect score for being released at such a perfect time, a time where cinema and the world as a whole was living in their own kinda time loop during lockdown, all wondering when this pandemic is going to end!? Well, we still don’t know but like this film and it’s core message, it’s nice to know we’re…