Jacob has written 118 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2020.

  • The Grey

    The Grey


    “Once more into the fray...”

    Not your average Hollywood Man vs. Wild action flick, instead we get a highbrow survival drama with a suicidal Liam Neeson yearning over his wife and pleading to the skies for God’s help while clinging onto the last bit of faith he has, which appears to be weakening as the wolves get closer and the cold gets colder. 

    The performances are incredible. Of course Liam Neeson shines the most who is given the most but…

  • Bean



    Hello, I’m Jacob. Apparently. And I sit and watch movies. So, what have I learned that I can say about this movie? Well, firstly Bean’s heart is really quite big, which is excellent. Because if it were really small, you know, microscopic, then I hardly wouldn’t enjoy this movie. Which would be a tremendous shame. Secondly, and I’m getting quite near the end of this... analysis... of this movie, secondly, why was it worth spending 90 minutes of my time…

  • Wind Chill

    Wind Chill


    Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals 

    This should be another throw away B-movie horror flick that has obvious plot holes and outdated special effects but Emily Blunt’s committed performance fighting off supernatural beings and Clint Mansell’s melancholy score that hovers over the harsh wintery atmosphere as our 2 protagonist’s try to not only survive supernatural attacks but also trying to survive the unforgiving cold, paves way to make it one of my favorite holiday gems to watch yearly. For all my Emily Blunt fans and fans for ghost stories, give this a watch and make sure to bring a coat because it’s about to get chilly.

  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

    Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


    Coming off the hype of hearing about the new Adam McKay film staring my guy Leo, I got the urge to watch this masterpiece. Many Bro-Comedies in the past has aged poorly for me, not because of the quality but because my sense of humor has for the lack of a better word “matured” over time, along with my age but for some reason Anchorman still manages to place a big smile on my face. Too many iconic scenes matched with…

  • Tokyo Godfathers

    Tokyo Godfathers


    Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals 

    3 flawed homeless persons comes across an abandoned child on Christmas Eve. They then try to find its parents by following the clues they are given and help from a divine hand. 

    My first viewing of a Satoshi Kon film couldn’t have been more gratifying. This is right up my alley for an adult animation. It’s sprinkled with religious undertones, adult & silly childlike humor, mystery and a little bit of action. This film is only…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    Mayumi & Daddy’s Adventure 

    If I, young and old adults, can have a whole movie with guiding emotions, that’d be great because that sequence between the mother & Father, along with the ending credits had me rolling of laughter. I’m actually surprised Pixar hasn’t milked this idea out to more sequels because the premise is so creatively unique. Maybe it’s best Pixar stays away considering the “failed” sequels to other Pixar originals. Anyways, this isn’t necessarily among my favorites from the studio…

  • First Man

    First Man


    Some people smile to hide their sadness and then some people travel to the Moon to part ways with their grief that has been weighing on them for almost a decade. Say what you want about Gosling’s performance but I firmly believe he’s the best performer of my generation who can act his butt off in a scene with hardly any dialogue. I could feel the pain in his quietness and mannerisms. That final scene had me chocked up. 


  • The Green Mile

    The Green Mile


    Now that I’m older I can appreciate this even more. I’m only 30 years young but I have been to more than enough funerals I would like. As a kid and as all the other 90’s babies I grew up with, we loved just the sight of Tom Hanks in a film. He has that glow, that calm and gentle voice, that contagious smile and that all-around likable presence. It’s no different with him walking that Green Mile. A film…

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2

    Kill Bill: Vol. 2


    A Bastard’s Work is Never Done

    Some may prefer the 1st volume for its action and some may prefer this volume for its heavy dialogue but the reason why I choose this version is for one reason and only one reason alone, that is because of the character Budd. 

    He’s easily one of my favorite characters in the Tarantino-verse. I just find his character to be fascinating and complex. A man filled with guilt and regret for what he’s done…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


    I Still Believe in Heroes 

    The emotional depth between a deadbeat father & an abandoned son, the rivalry between sister & sister who make amends, a bad science experiment turned raccoon who is having a tough time opening up his cold little heart, an orphan who becomes a father figure, a love affair between two of the most dumbest beings in the universe...this film carries more emotional depth in each character than every Marvel film combined before this WHILE giving each character…

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


    A Bastard’s Work is Never Done

    Tarantino’s love letter to Japanese Anime. You can tell QT knows a thing or two about anime because the look and feel of this film seems like a live-action anime movie. It’s graphic violence and vivid colors along with the Japanese culture all blends wonderfully to give your eyes something that hasn’t been seen before or at least to this magnitude. 

    The cast at first glance doesn’t seem too redeeming for this to work…

  • Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown


    A Bastard’s Work is Never Done

    QT’s most underrated is quite an understatement. If Samuel Jackson wasn’t involved I wouldn’t even noticed that Tarantino was behind the wheel on this. The violent scenes happen so quick and there’s hardly any gore involved. The romance between Pam Grier and the late Robert Forster is genuine and sincere. I might be wrong or just accustomed to the swearing but this has the least bit of cursing I’ve heard in a QT film.…