Jacob has written 52 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2021.

  • The Ghost Writer

    The Ghost Writer


    I always love returning to this one. We all have those favorite films to watch on a lazy rainy day and this film fits right into that category for me. I’m not too fond of politics but for some reason I’m always interested for a good political thriller and thankfully this film is much more than politics but more so a mystery which leads to a very clever ending. 

    Ewan McGregor as “The Ghost” does a great job making his…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    I didn’t laugh, I didn’t jump up for joy, I didn’t get emotional, I didn’t do any critical thinking but what I did do was smile all the way through this unforgettable adventure. I’ve seen this film countless of times now and it still somehow manages to be just as refreshing as the first viewing. Like I said, it’s not funny, it’s not dramatic, its script is very dry at times but I can’t explain how fascinated I am by…

  • Heat



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The hype was real. This is without a doubt one of the coolest and sophisticated crime films I’ve ever seen. For the ones claiming this to be Michael Mann’s masterpiece, I won’t argue with you, in fact, I believe it to be his technical best that I’ve seen so far but I personally still feel Collateral is better for my taste, not to take anything away from this film because it was incredibly entertaining and then some.

    What stood out…

  • Patriots Day

    Patriots Day


    R.I.P to the ones who lost their lives to this nonsense. And God bless the ones who lost things they can never get back. 

    Not sure why the Peter Berg & Mark Wahlberg true event trilogy is frowned upon. Each film is gripping and I find myself at the edge of my seat throughout the very intense scenes and I always end up holding back tears near the end. I don’t have much to say about the technicalities of it, I…

  • Shrek 2

    Shrek 2


    Louder, prouder and more vulgar. I’ll just go ahead and throw this in the “sequels that outdo the original” bin because almost each aspect that people cherished from the original, I feel is now upgraded and simply more fun. 

    Donkey isn’t oblivious to the fact that he is annoying, in this installment he knows exactly how annoying he can be and he engulfs it. Plus I loved the hidden themes about racism and traditional royal marriages which can be taught…

  • Ice Age

    Ice Age


    “I don't know about you guys but we are the weirdest herd I've ever seen.”

    There used to be an age of time where an animated film could fit a charismatic cast of characters with fantastic chemistry, witty & quotable dialogue for adults & children, heartfelt messages about family & friends, tearjerking moments that makes you say “awwwww”, adventurous action that makes the journey fun and awful animations that makes you feel old but grown to love & reminisce... all of that in under…

  • The Train

    The Train


    Just like a real train, the film takes awhile for it to build up that speed but once it gets going, it’s a ride you never want to stop. John Frankenheimer and Burt Lancaster is a great duo to have when creating an action war film. Both of them were made for films of this nature. Lancaster manages to hop on one leg throughout the whole last act while also killing nazis. It’s epic in every way possible. 

    The stunts…

  • Kwaidan



    Masaki Kobayashi directing a horror anthology film? Say no more fam, I knew this was going to be a hit. I was going to do a review for each of the four folk tales separately but the core components for each of them is supernatural and is about death. Each tale has a ghostly presence about them and Kobayashi and his crew makes each story distinctive with haunting visuals and amazing but also mythical set pieces. The colors lured me…

  • The Haunted Mask

    The Haunted Mask


    Very disappointed in Letterboxd for not putting the rest of the episodes from the greatest horror show for kids for me to log. Seriously, I wouldn’t be on this app logging films with you all if it wasn’t for this show. It paved the way for my love for the horror genre and got me to love film in general. If you guys can, please contact the crew of Letterboxd and ask them nicely to have the rest of the…

  • My Fair Lady

    My Fair Lady


    The Godmother of The King’s Speech & Pretty Woman.

    I was coming into this ready to expect the outdated and offensive social themes that this film showcases. It seems that the negative reviews are the ones claiming this is “evil”, “misogynistic”, “poisoned elitist” and I have to say they’re right but ummmmm, that’s sorta the point isn’t it? 😂 The film certainly isn’t praising it, instead it’s exposing it. So I’m very confused that people take this film so seriously when…

  • Charade



    So it’s like Roman Holiday set in Paris but directed by Hitchcock?

    Seriously, kudos to Stanley Donen for blending the romance, the mystery, the thrills, the comedy, all under 2 hours and somehow made it extremely fun. This is my first time seeing the Queen of all Queens star in a thriller and I couldn’t be more happy with her performance. Audrey again brings that alluring charm of hers and with some major company by her side that matches her…

  • High and Low

    High and Low


    Oh I see, this was the Great Grandaddy of “Se7en”, “Memories of Murder” & “Zodiac”. 

    Easily one of the greatest mystery thrillers I’ve seen in the classic era. I see that most viewers enjoyed the first half of the film, rightfully so as it sets the tone with uneasy life-defining decisions that could break everything a man slaved for. Give up your life savings that could place your family in poverty or save a kid that isn’t even your own blood…