Jacob has written 37 reviews for films with no rating during 2020.

  • Tokyo Olympiad

    Tokyo Olympiad

    Nothing screams ‘merica more than seeing USA making their entrance all wearing cowboy hats. I absolutely loved it, even though I never “cowboy’d” in my life. 

    This was a beautiful well shot and edited documentary about the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 1964. On a technical level, this piece of work is flawless. The close-ups, zoom-in’s, long shots, slo-mo’s, each and every frame is pure magic to gaze upon. If you love the Olympics and want to touch up on history…

  • The Telephone Box

    The Telephone Box

    A man is trapped in a telephone booth and things take a turn for the worse when no one can get him out.

    It’s probably going to sound crazy since this is only 35 minutes long but this felt more like an hour considering not much is happening but I think what feels like a long time pays off at the end. Throughout most of the runtime besides the haunting climax the film is just showing how screwed this guy…

  • Mr. Bean: Funeral

    Mr. Bean: Funeral

    I tried not to laugh but I did. In this short 10 minute anniversary episode The Master of Disaster visits a funeral. I don’t think I need to go any further. I’m sure you all can guess what happens next. It’s free on YouTube if interested.

    Thank you Rowan Atkinson for many laughs. Bean is his character and he’ll never be replaced.

  • Face Lift

    Face Lift

    I watched it free on YouTube, what can I say. Weirdly enough, my girlfriend and I finds this stuff sorta fascinating. Anyways, here’s a creepy face to grab your interest. Lol

  • Junk Head 1

    Junk Head 1

    A fun stop motion short film about a clone who basically takes on worms and aliens in this underground city. The humor is super cute and the animations are pretty wicked. Been burnt out lately from 2hr films so it’s nice for a change of pace. This is a must watch for stop motion lovers.

  • The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film

    The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film

    I did not like this short film. No, I did not.

  • The Mad Masters

    The Mad Masters

    If you are culture vulture like myself, then look no further to watch a striking and almost unwatchable short documentary about a group of natives being possessed for a yearly ritual which consist of foaming from the mouth, burning yourself with torches, eyes rolling, weird dances and butchering a live dog to suck its blood and eating it.........

    Yea. If you have a weak stomach, then steer clear from this one.

  • Report


    An avant-garde film about the John F. Kennedy assassination. It shows how frantic the world was during that moment with the news and radio broadcasters not giving enough information of what happened but also showing too much of the imagery shown over and over that would make anyone with epilepsy to have a seizure and anyone with a clear conscience to be scattered with hysteria. Definitely an interesting watch.

  • Knick Knack

    Knick Knack

    A snowman wants to leave his snow globe to join a group of knick-knacks that are enjoying their outside freedom.

    It’s cute, clever, and it’s funny. It just shows how talented John Lasseter really is, to be able to leave his mark and make something enjoyable that is under 5 minutes is a harder task than most would expect.

  • Anima


    PTA’s “Inception” but with Thom Yorke as the lead actor instead of DiCaprio and instead of Hans Zimmer’s score we have Yorke’s musical wizardly. It’s beautiful. It’s mesmerizing. It’s transcending. It’s the most gorgeous music video I’ve seen in sometime. It helps that I enjoy Thom and Radiohead as well.

  • Virile Games

    Virile Games

    Thought I’d watch another short film to get a quick login before bed...

    I’m starting to appreciate these experimental films more and more because they are so unpredictable which gets me hyped for what I’m about to see...since I have no freaking clue what I’m about to see...

    A man watches a football (soccer) match but the players keep getting incapacitated in multiple ways. The artistic approach to this looks like the players are made out of clay which makes…

  • La Jetée

    La Jetée

    A beautiful short film about time travel, romance, war, and memories. The film uses still images and a narrator to tell the story. It’s incredibly creative and unique. The black and white photography is mesmerizing. The story is heartfelt. Possibly one of the best short films I’ve seen. Highly recommend.