Jacob has written 19 reviews for films with no rating during 2021.

  • The War Game

    The War Game

    A short documentary film showcasing a soviet nuclear attack against Britain. It depicts real-life events but is fictionalized for television. There are moments that are so graphic that I couldn’t tell if it was fiction or real footage of the events that took place. There’s not much else to be said here as the film just shows the consequences and casualties of nuclear war and how innocent lives are the ones who pays for it. Very riveting 45 minutes of…

  • Love Meetings

    Love Meetings

    It’s official, Pasolini is the biggest perv in cinematic history. He even creates a documentary asking random Italians personal questions involving, you guessed it; sex... and I sorta liked it. 

    I’m a simple guy, if I see someone holding a microphone, asking personal but interesting questions to a big group of interviewees with genuine smiles on their faces, I can’t help but to jump in with them as almost every interviewee in this film feels completely honest and human. That’s…

  • Dog Star Man

    Dog Star Man

    This is mesmerizing, the visuals are incredible. The director however intends this to be best viewed when your time is not valuable and when you don’t feel like you exist in this world. He also suggests you watch this with no eyes and no ears because if you use any of those senses, you may find no sense or point of the film. He also intends you watch this by leaving your brain at the door before coming into this…

  • Chronicle of a Summer

    Chronicle of a Summer

    “I don’t worry about happiness... It’s an empty word anyway. Happiness, unhappiness, it’s all one. They shouldn’t be in the dictionary. Grief is another matter... “

    A very intimate and sincere doc about the lives and happiness of random pedestrians living in France. It’s beautifully conducted and pieced together. It never got tiring due to the interviewee’s pouring their heart out about the normal life that most working class citizens can relate to. Some of these beautiful people and the…

  • Mondo Cane

    Mondo Cane

    Disgusting. I won’t go any further.

  • The Sorrow and the Pity

    The Sorrow and the Pity

    2 years of compiling 50 hours of footage. Obviously Marcel Ophuls has something important to show the world. It’s just that 4 1/2 hours of interviews with people talking becomes more of a chore than an actual pleasing watch on a subject that should grapple me.

  • Scorpio Rising

    Scorpio Rising

    I’m still trying to understand what I watched. A gay biker gang loves to party and wear leather? I enjoyed the radio hits from the 60’s and some choppers looked cool but um, yea, waste of time. Thankfully this will be my last experimental short to watch.

  • Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek

    Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek

    8 children play a game of hide-and-seek in a ruined city amongst 5 demons but the catch is when they get caught they are then spirited away by the demons and used to power the city for eternity.

    Sounds wickedly awesome right? I think it does. I’m absolutely shocked that this wasn’t pushed to a mini-series because this premise and unique character distinctions and designs has major potential but unfortunately the way the film moves and how the story unfolds…

  • Dog Star Man: Part I

    Dog Star Man: Part I

    Can anyone on this app tell me why I needed to see this before I die? Because it’s literally nothing... it’s nothing but a guy with a camera... nothing. but a guy. with a freaking camera... this, this is exactly why some people quit the list challenge.

  • Méditerranée


    What this documentary is really trying to say is 👉here👈.

  • Street of Crocodiles

    Street of Crocodiles

    Stop-motion is always a wonderful creation and a feast for the eyes due to its uniqueness and creative imagination. The artistic craft is all there, the creepy and dark undertone of something sinister lurking in every room as our puppet is just as confused as its viewer and therein lies my own problem, my confusion. I loved watching this unfold, especially with the eerie soundtrack that made my viewing pleasure much easier but I couldn’t help but be absolutely lost…

  • Blonde Cobra

    Blonde Cobra

    Don’t mind me. I’m just going through some short films before bedtime. I think I’ll sleep easier knowing I’ll never come across this again.