Thunderball ★★★

"I think he got the point"

Thunderball is the 4th and, in my opinion, the best James Bond adventure up to the point of release. The exotic colors, images, soundtrack, and locations provide a gravity of sexiness. Sean Connery is back on game with one of my favorite performances as James Bond. For the first time it pulls together all the qualities of witty humor, action, adventure, and spectacle that make what I picture as quintessential James Bond. 

I love the jetpack, the tricked out Aston Martin that stops the enemies with water that they could have simply walked around, and the SPECTRE operative disguised as a widow at his own funeral that Bond engages in a fight. It's so ridiculous in the best way possible. It doesn't let up from there, for evil lurks around every corner there's hardly a chance for Bond to stay off his toes. This is a movie that even acknowledges James Bond's womanizing and is confronted about it by a kidnapping female baddie. 

It's over two hours long but I hardly felt the length. It moves quick and provides plenty of action. One of the only complaints and what really keeps the movie down is the underwater sequences. They're difficult to follow and comprehend. Additionally, the females in the film are crafted with about as much concern for them as Bond has. I can't recall their names or what their role were. 

- Blofeld is holding a meeting with SPECTRE operatives around the table.

 "2.3 million? Our expectations were higher number 11." 

Blofeld proceeds to kill operative number 11 and I couldn't help but think of Austin Powers. Where were the Sharks with freakin' laser beams?

Actually there would be sharks to come. Very, very nice touch for our film's antagonist who Emilio Largo who operates at sea like a pirate captain. 

- There's a guy who really gets pissy about spending two years studying film to act like someone else that he has his face surgically altered to look like. These SPECTRE agents are serious about their evilness huh?

Bond: "That gun looks more fitting for a woman"
Emilio: "Do you know much about guns Mr. Bond?"
Bond: "No. I know a little about women."

Daaaamn I don't know whether to be impressed by how smooth Bond is or disgusted by his overt gender prejudice.

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