Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★

God I'm really excited to see this film I have my slushie and my sweet popcor- wait is that a salted piece? Well that's okay maybe it was a stray but wait was that another?

I don't know how to feel now the trailers are starting and I don't really want to go back out and make a fuss, but there are more pieces of salted popcorn, maybe there'll be less salted pieces if I just make my way down the container.

No, nevermind, there are just more salted pieces here, why am still eating more, I definitely asked for only sweet popcorn, maybe they were just low on supply, should I really be judging them for this? They should have been up front with me if that were the case, but at the same time maybe they didn't want to disappoint me, but I still gave them money and they're still unreasonably expensive even if the business is facing financial hardship.

Fuck now half the bucket is gone I definitely can't ask for a refund now that'd just be unreasonable why did I do this to myself, there are still sweet pieces here but I've lost my appetite why am I even here...

Oh yeah, the film.