My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette ★★★★

“My Beautiful Laundrette” could have been a sudsy, neon-soaked gay 80s fairy tale... if not for the Thatcherites. 

In what surely must be among her most heinous crimes, “Laundrette’s” gorgeous hot wash of a romance between a bleached-blond chav (Daniel Day Lewis) and the son of a Pakistani immigrant (Gordon Warnecke) is interrupted by Margaret Thatcher. 

Director Stephen Frears drenches the film in vibrant glowing lights and a deliberately cheesy 80s synth soundtrack. It makes the breakage of the central romance all the more egregious. 

In Thatcher’s Britain, it’s not a fight to get to the top of the ladder, but a scramble for those at its bottom to just not end up dead last in the heat. 

In the middle of the toxic capitalist warring of the middle and lower class factions; a small bit of unity in the form of love in a laundrette. It’s a politically prescient story on the edges of a soppingly classic romance. A classic romance... with gay Moët-spiked spit swapping. Even better.

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