Knives Out ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt #56 - 25 - Watch a murder mystery film (doesn't have to be British).

*deep breath*


Absolutely one of my favorites of the year. Like listen. LISTEN. Clue is my absolute favorite comedy of all time. I grew up watching Agatha Christie adaptations. Murder, She Wrote was on the television all the time at my house. It's in my blood.

It felt good to see an entirely original film in theatres. Brand new characters we get to learn about and grow with, even if they are familiar archetypes. I think there's something special about this universe/world/family Johnson created, and it isn't just to do with the splendid and honestly remarkable cast he assembled. I'm not bothered by how "current" the jokes were, nor how relevant to today's world the message is. If we can get people who need to see a story like this in the seats by revitalizing one of their favorite genres (because let's be honest, rich white people, both conservative and liberal, LOVE murder mysteries okay? It's just a feeling I have don't argue with me), then let's DO it okay?

I think I need to watch it again to go more in detail with this review, but I definitely left the theatre feeling like this was something special. I'm also glad it was so ridiculously well marketed, which means we will probably get sequels with Benoit Blanc and I am a-okay with that, bc Daniel Craig needs something fun and wacky to do after taking himself so seriously for over a decade as Bond.

Also: Christopher Plummer is the MVP of the decade.