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  • The Bard

    The Bard

    G'day! I've finally finished my second short film over lockdown, and I'm pretty pleased with it.

    'The Bard' is about a struggling young writer and his desire to please his judgemental mother.

    You can watch it here.
    Any views will be much appreciated :)

  • Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets

    Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets


    For me, This film alternated between two sides of the same Avant-Garde stylisation Shūji Terayama created in a way that I've never experienced in a film before.

    Both of them equally as effective;

    One side felt like a literal punch in the face, utilising loud audio, aggressive imagery, bright colours and powerful smash cuts. This ultimately is supposed to disillusion the viewer.
    Most of these types of scenes contained embedded societal and political commentary of Materialism in Japan.

    The other…

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  • Skins



    I was asked to give an in-depth review, so this might sound a little wanky;

    Skins is a beautiful satirical look into the lives of four personalities with uncanny deformities. An elegant taffy pink and purple kitsch colour pallet conquers the screen - This is complemented by the Wes-Anderson-esque symmetrical shot composition and cinematography.

    I often found Skins to be quite hilariously bazaar in nature; the plethora of unfamiliar lifestyles add a comedic element to the humanistic elements of the…

  • Lady Snowblood

    Lady Snowblood


    A Beautiful meticulously crafted Japanese cinematic masterpiece.
    I couldn't get enough of this film HOLY SHIT IT WAS EPIC.

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  • Tenet



    I really wanted to like this... I really did.
    But man I am so disappointed.
    I won't make an entire essay but here are a few notes;

    • There was virtually no exposition in introducing the characters and their objectives

    • I didnt feel the stakes

    • I didn't care about the characters nor connect with them

    • It felt so rushed at the start I didnt know what was going on half the time

    • Nolan has gotten a bit too complex, extreme and high concept to care for character development.

    Sorry team, not a fan.

  • A Brighter Summer Day

    A Brighter Summer Day


    I watched this on and off for five days since I have exams on at the moment and that this film is really long.
    But boy oh boy I'm glad I watched it.

    I finished the last hour in bed and at the current time of concluding it is 11:55 pm. Being this late in this dark atmosphere kicked me right in the gut for the last 15 minutes due to the pure emotions felt - and I'm gobbling down…