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  • Detour



    Striking on rewatch how modern this is for its time. Really great, horribly nihilistic stuff.

  • The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

    The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3


    First watch since release.
    The other vulgar kids are gonna hate me when I say I still prefer the OG to this one; please forgive me, I'm just that big of a Walter Matthau fanboy. Washington is at some of his best here, though, as he often was with Tony.
    Can't believe people complained about a movie like this (Tony aside, even) being directed with excess, LMAO.

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  • Hillary



    I knew I was gonna hate this when a song by The Interrupters began the documentary, trumpeting Hillary Rodham Clinton as a punk icon.

    This hits all the classic DNC beats, such as:
    - Evil Bernie supporters
    - Socialism bad
    - Russian hacking scandal
    - Taking cheap shots at Trump and pretending they weren't buddies once
    - Bringing up scandals very vaguely and failing to fully explain them
    - Bruh moments (such as the infamous 'nobody likes [Bernie]' and '[I…

  • Capone



    Sometimes it's great to be right. Even more insane than I'd expected (in a good way); major pleb filter right here.
    Wild to see something both so empathetic and so mean-spirited.
    Both Trank and Hardy display a pretty great maximalist sensibility here; both could probably become vulgar auteurist icons if they keep going down this path.
    Syphilis in history in general is an underrated subject, should be put on film more.