Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

How do you properly describe your second favorite movie of all time and not feel like you half-assed it? That is my question of the day. First off, I suppose you'd need to explain how the No Wave movement found it's peak with this film's release, as well as how the relatable nature and of the film almost justifies the main character's barbaric behavior toward life itself, especially when analyzing Billy Brown's terrible upbringing. It could be further argued that the movie is the poster child example for the topic of Stockholm Syndrome and that the love story surrounding the film's meandering philosophy is the kind that even the hardest headed of human beings can open themselves up to. Maybe the fact that every celebrity cameo made in the film feels special to their own individual extent and that even the smallest little pieces of production design the film shows off are preemptively executed for mass discussion(bright red shoes and organ donor advertisements).

Let's just start with this points and move forward by saying that this is one of the most well made low budget indie dramatic comedies of the entire 1990's decade. It's a showcase of how you can make anything look great just as long as your script is within finance and your editing is interesting enough to drive a strong narrative so effortlessly, it becomes stronger upon initial viewing. It's the story about a man who was never loved, thus, is unsure how to love nor accept the fact that he can be loved. It's a beautiful story about opening up, dropping baggage and leaping with faith into the unknown. It is my second favorite movie of all time and it has helped me understand myself better than almost any book ever has. If you disagree, well then I'll take a bite out of your cheek and shit you out.

- The Spork Guy

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