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  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

    Hiroshima Mon Amour


    “The day will never dawn again on anyone.”

    The entangled arms of lovers. The charred bodies of Hiroshima victims. A woman says she saw everything in Hiroshima. A man says she didn't.

    The synthesis of word and image have never been more provocative than in Alain Resnais’ radical debut feature, Hiroshima Mon Amour, a beautiful and deeply affecting meditation on the nature and effects of love, war, and the malleability of memory.

    Set against the foreboding backdrop of Hiroshima, a…

  • L'Avventura



    “Words are becoming less and less necessary; they create misunderstandings.”

    A wealthy listless young woman disappears during a boat trip around the rocky Mediterranean islands off Sicily. She is never heard from again; it is almost like she never existed at all. Her disaffected lover Sandro and best friend Claudia spend months trying to find her, but their relationship slowly devolves into a love affair fraught with guilt and tension.

    Michelangelo Antonioni’s enigmatic L’Avventura premiered at Cannes in 1960 to…

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  • A Brighter Summer Day

    A Brighter Summer Day


    “Are you lonesome tonight?”

    Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day is a film where everything and nothing happens all at once. An unrivalled artistic achievement in its magnitude and scope, the film encompasses adolescence, ideals, love, and anguish in a tender portrait of Taiwan's search for a collective identity. The film chronicles the exploits of the young and disillusioned Si’r, who is forced to attend night school after failing one of his classes; his family grows worried he will be…

  • Woodstock



    “We must be in heaven, man.”

    Michael Wadleigh’s Woodstock is a sprawling landmark concert-documentary that captures the spirit of the youth of the late '60s and the signalling of the end of that halcyon. Edited by both Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker and partially shot by Scorsese himself, the documentary employed a cinéma vérité style that was reminiscent of other concert films of the time.

    It was August 15, 1969. The Manson Family murders had occurred just a few days…

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  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    “I wanted to see him so bad that I didn't even dare imagine him anymore.”

    Seemingly birthed from the dust that surrounds him, a man wordlessly emerges from the desert, trudging towards an invisible horizon, his face weary and withered, his memory elusive, his soul haunted by regret and sorrow.

    Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas is a melancholic portrait of a broken man yearning for reconnection with a family whom he had left years ago. But much more so, the film…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    “In time you will know what it’s like to lose, to feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail all the same.”

    When directors say their sequel is “The Empire Strikes Back” of sequels, rarely does it prove true. But yet it does in Avengers: Infinity War, and to a vast extent.

    Avengers: Infinity War is Marvel’s most ambitious foray into the superhero genre yet, culminating in the last ten years of the studio's existence. It is a bold…