Amélie ★★★★

My taste in cinema has skewed a lot in the last seven years, which is about how long it's been since I'd seen Amelie. I loved it the first time I saw it (as well as a rewatch here or there), but--hell, the way I interact with film has changed a lot. There's no guarantee Jacob circa 2019 agrees with Jacob circa 2012.

I'm very pleased with how Amelie holds up. That I am bringing my rating down a smidgen isn't so much a representation of me seeing problems as much as it's reflective of me having seen a whole helluva lot of film in these last few years.

Amelie, a loner who works at a coffeeshop/tobacco store/bar, finds herself drawn to a man she sees digging junk from under a photobooth. When she recovers a scrapbook he dropped, she finds he collects shredded photos and reassembles them. He puts up adverts to try and recover the scrapbook and, in flash of intrigue, Amelie decides to turn it into a "follow the clues" treasure hunt. However, as hunter and huntee engage in their game, it becomes something more than a quest for a scrapbook.

As a love story, Amelie lacks. I don't feel that's hugely problematic, as I don't really consider Amelie to be a romance, even though that's how most sites tag it. Instead it's a character study--one infused with so much stylistic flair that it rises to being a work of art--a study of Amelie, as well as just about every character to grace the screen. There are big ideas, an understanding of the importance of little details, a strong dose of nostalgia--it's just feel-good cinema.

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