Beanpole ★★★★★

In this year, Beanpole , directed by Kantemir Bangalov premiered at Cannes Film Festival and I was really excited to watch it. Today, I finally had the opportunity and I was not disappointed.
The movie tells a story about two women. In Leningrad, post WWII, Iya and Masha, working as nurses, try to rebuild their lives amongst the ruins. Would that be possible? Would that be an Utopia? Is there any chance of Happiness after what happened to the world?
This movie hit me strong. I didn't know where the story was going and that kept my eyes glued to screen all the time. The SUPERB cinematography, art direction and production design enhanced the whole experience. It connected the colors to the characters personas and matched their looks, it recreates the whole scenario post WWII really well and of course, it creates a marvelous visual experience that pleases your eyes. There are some really good close-ups and I loved how the scenes would play along with a steady cam.
The actress, I really liked them. Vasilisa Perelygina and Viktoria Miroshnichenko were great together. And those final moments wouldn't be that good, If it wasn't for their performances.
But I can't talk about this film, without mentioning the director. I really loved what he did here. I could feel his presence behind the camera and I loved how he didn't rushed things, he let the actress portray their emotions in their own time and not even for a moment it felt forced. His first film, Tesnota, Kantemir Balagov didn't quite hit me, but this one surely did. He is so young and I so proud of him. I can't wait to see what he is going to do next. Hope that "Beanpole" will get him to be recognized as he deserves.