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  • Three Colors: White

    Three Colors: White


    Katie has such facial dissonance that when Karol combed his hair back, she didn’t recognize him until he mentioned something that Karol would say. 

    I have a feeling that if she had to pick me out of twenty young white guys with brown hair, she’d pick the guy to my right.

  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    lol I totally chose this on purpose to be the last film of trump’s presidency because like obviously he was a “red” politician and Biden is a “blue” politician. the twitter liberals would love this joke. lol omg. go biden! yay! i don’t have to worry about anything anymore because i’m privileged and i was only funny to like 4 celebrities who put my career in the spotlight anyways back to being obscure and completely unfunny! 
    - Sarah Cooper

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  • A Florida Melancholy

    A Florida Melancholy

    I remember meeting Eli on the first day of Cannes 2017. We were being served some appetizers and I took my seat, not really knowing anyone and as I started talking to some other people at AmPav, Eli came over and joined in. We talked about films and although we didn’t talk much after that, I distinctly remember the moment he came over because it was he was someone with such a bright presence and we talked about what films…

  • The Weeknd: After Hours

    The Weeknd: After Hours


    look at me I was in a Safdie brothers movie!