Possessor ★★★

“Possessor” is a creative, creepy, and well-crafted psychological sci fi horror film, which follows an assassin who carries out her hits by transferring her consciousness into other people´s bodies. In true body horror fashion, it plays with our primal fear to lose control over our own body, while also exploring psychological themes such as identity crisis, alienation, and losing touch with reality. It features compelling direction, hallucinatory, surreal, and disturbing imagery, a fascinating use of colors, explicit brutal violence, and strong performances, especially by Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbot. Still, I think that “Possessor” relies a bit too much on its concept, style, themes, and gore, while characters and plot feel rather underdeveloped. At the end, I couldn´t help but feel that the film didn´t reach its full potential. Ultimately, it´s not really groundbreaking for either the sci fi or horror genre, but it has some great elements that work well together for a clever, pulpy, and unsettling horror flick.

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