Fargo ★★★★★

Where's the fuckin' money, Lebowski!

Wait, that's not right, this is a true story! I fell asleep to this last night, I'm ashamed to say. At least I caught the wood chipper scene. I also feel kinda bad at how funny I find everything about this film. Lebowski usually gets all the attention, rightfully so, but Fargo is written just as brilliantly and has the same type of re-watchability. William H. Macy plays the fast-talking car salesman with feckless naivety, while Frances McDormand keeps a sanguine attitude through all the absurdity. Steve Buscemi doesn't shut the fuck up, and even Peter Stormare had me cracking up. The whole cast was chosen perfectly. Another masterpiece from Joel & Ethan Coen.

We've been sitting here an hour, he's peed three times already.

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