Basket Case

Basket Case ★★★½

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah: Baby's First Hoop-Tober (3.0)

Very appropriate birthday viewing, seeing as it also happens to be my twin brother's birthday. As you might expect I found myself alternately relating pretty hard to both brothers, and I was all set to declare this one of the best cinematic representations of the Twin Experience I'd ever seen until that bummer of a climax and ending suddenly turn what had been a surprisingly heartfelt and human piece of lovingly crafted trash into a more predictably nasty and cruel one.

Despite those unfortunate final scenes, though, this was mostly a blast, nimbly walking what Spinal Tap called the "fine line between clever and stupid" with charmingly low-rent special effects, authentic '80s New York grime, and a disarmingly sweet central relationship.

Also Belial now inextricably forms the basis for my mental picture of what Mario Incandenza looks like, so thanks a lot for that one Frank.

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